Why WhiteAshMD?

Inspired by the ocean

At we are all about the things you and coastal residents care about most, the ocean. The ocean is our life force and we are here to help support the teams that clean our oceans.

was inspired by simple values determination, integrity, and discipline, it’s in our DNA. We are committed to innovating exceptional CBD solution’s for a stress free feeling to every person we serve, and in turn, taking the steps to provide a sense of security and self love.

We strive to provide the vitality to live life safe, strong and active in the communities that surround our coasts. Our goal has always been to produce the industry’s highest-quality CBD products that can Re/fresh, Re/lieve, Re/new and Re/plenish our bodies when we need it most.

We love the ocean and we will do whatever it takes to keep each other healthy and our ocean clean.

Where we are from

Tofino is a pristine coastal village on the west coast of Vancouver Island Canada. The community is diverse, but united in it’s determination to protect the natural environments that surround the area.

Tofino is connected and deeply rooted; from the abundance of life in the Pacific Ocean, to the black bears of the rainforest, to the people who call this place home.

There’s a pure essential energy that surrounds us, something you can’t live without once you’ve experienced it.